Uncensored images of Michaela, taken in collaboration with photographer Domino Aurora. They are printed on a beautiful matt vinyl sticker paper, and sold individually or as a pair. 

The images are content that Michaela wishes she could share with you on her social media account but for obvious reasons, she cannot.


Price for individual: £5 + postage 

Price for pair: £8 + postage

Please contact Michaela directly if you would like to purchase. 


They are printed to the size of an instagram post. The portrait image is 7cm x 6cm. The landscape image is 4.5cm x 6cm. 


The stickers will be delivered in an envelope, signed by Michaela. They will be delivered via La Poste (France). 

Delivery times will vary, depending on your location. If you would like quicker delivery times, please discuss this directly with Michaela. 


Instagram: @michaelastark 

100 x 75.jpg

Landscape Image 

4.5cm x 7cm





Uncensored Instagram Posts (Stickers) 

Portrait Image 

7cm x 6cm