Couturier / Artist 


body artist paris

Michaela is an artist and couturier based in London. Her main practice is to create custom, one-off lingerie pieces that are designed to sculpt and disfigure the body.  Michaela often models and photographs her own pieces as self-portrait, as part of her artistic practice.


She also works as a costume designer, collaborating with stylists to create custom pieces for artist’s performances, editorial and video.


Each piece that Michaela creates is very specifically tailored and created using couture techniques. She often uses delicate silks, hand dyed fabrics and intricate embellishment. Each piece is one of a kind, and has been designed and tailored to perfectly fit and celebrate the body of the intended wearer – whether that be herself or an external client.

Michaela is currently undergoing her residency at Sarabande Foundation: The Lee Alexander McQueen Foundation.


Represented by TL Paris